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Suffolk County, Massachusetts - - 1920 Federal Census Team Transcription
Microfilmed on 17 rolls, T625-728 to T625-744
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Enum. District Numbers Enumeration District Descriptions (Brief)
T625-728 EDs 1-41 Boston city: Ward 1 and Ward 2 (part)
Deer Island & all islands in Boston Harbor
Institution(s): Fort Strong (Long Island); Long Island Hospital; Fort Warren (George's Island); Fort Standish (Lovell's Island); Convent of Our Lady of Good Hope; Suffolk School for Boys; Convent of Mercy; Convent of the Sacred Heart; Farm & Trades School For Bays (Thompson Island); Luffore School for Boys (Rarmsford Island); U. S. Quarantine Station; House of Correction

T625-729 EDs 42-91 Boston city: Ward 2 (part), Wards 3 and 4
Institution(s): Massachusetts State Prison; United States Navy Yard; Convent Notre Dame; Immigrant's Home; Scandinavian Sailors & Immigrant's Home; Lutheran Immigrant Home; St. Catherine's Convent; St. Frances De Sales Convent; Winchester Home for Aged Women; Hunt Asylum for Destitute Children

T625-730 EDs 92-136 Boston city: Ward 5 (part)
Institution(s): Boston Hospital; Benoth Israel Sheltering Home; Boston Lying In Hospital; Infant's Hospital; Massachusetts General Hospital; Massachusetts Charitable Eye & Ear Infirmary; Seaman's Home; St. Anthony's Convent; St. Mary's Parochial Residence; Suffolk County Jail; US SS Nantucket Nautical School

T625-731 EDs 137-187 Boston city: Ward 5 (part) and Ward 6
Institution(s): Boston City Hospital; Boston City Hospital (South Department); Training School for Nurses; The Refuge; St Clements Home for Women; Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital; Booth Hospital; Home for Destitute Catholic Children; Cathedral Rectory House; Girls Home; Home for Aged Women; Temporary Home for Working Women; Salvation Army; St. Joseph's Home; Tyler Street Hospital; Washington Home; Washingtonian Home; Wayfarer's Lodge; City Temporary for Women & Children; Charity Building; Chardon Street Home; Welcome House; Boston Industrial Home

T625-732 EDs 188-215 & 406-409 Boston city: Ward 7 and Ward 16 (part)
Institution(s): French Women's Christian Home; Mission; Little Settlement House; Mission House of St. John the Evangelist; County Settlement House; Nurses Club; Priests' Home; Roxbury Home for Aged Women & Children

T625-733 EDs 410-415, 681, 416-425, & 245-270 Boston city: Ward 16 (part) and Ward 9
Institution(s): Convent; Convent of Notre Dame; Fort Independence; House of Mercy; Mt. Pleasant Home; Nickerson Home for Children; Swedish Congregational Home; Walter Baker Sanatorium; Welfare House.

T625-734 EDs 271-312 Boston city: Wards 10 and 11
Institution(s): Burnap's Free Home for Aged Women; Carney Hospital; Convent; Hart Private Hospital; Spiritual School; St. Mary's Convent; State Home for Children; St. Margaret's Convent

T625-735 EDs 313-358 Boston city: Wards 12 and 13
Institution(s): Home for the Aged (Little Sisters of the Poor); St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum; Carmelite Monastery; Catholic Sisters School; Home for Aged Women; John Howard Home; Salvation Army Home; St. Luke's Home for Convalescent

T625-736 EDs 359-382, 687, 383-392, 682, & 393-405 Boston city: Wards 14 and 15
Institution(s): Peter Bent Brigham Hospital; Robert Breck Brigham Hospital; House of the Angel Guardian; St. Francis Home & Orphanage; The House of the Good Shepherd; Acadamy of Notre Dame; Boston Nursery for Blind Babies; Rachel Allen Memorial House; St. Vincent's Memorial Hospital; N. E. Home for Little Wanderers; Trinity Church Home of the Aged; Channing Home Consumptives; Deaconess Hospital; Convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; Cushing Hospital; Massachusetts Womens' Hospital; US Public Health Service Hospital; Elk's Hospital; N. E. Baptist Hospital; Home for Aged Couples; Massachusetts Home for Intemperate Women; The House of the Good Samaritan; Massachusetts Infant Asylum; N. E. Deaconess Hospital; N. E. Hospital for Women & Children; Notre Dame Academy; St. Joseph's Industrial School for Boys; Massachusetts Psychopathic Hospital; St. Monica's Home for Colored Women & Children; State Home for Children

T625-737 EDs 426-466 Boston city: Wards 17 and 18
Institution(s): St. Mary's Lying In Hospital; St. Mary's Infant Asylum; Convent Sisters of Charity; Free Home for Consumptives; Nurse Rest Home; St. John's Convent

T625-738 EDs 467-505 Boston city: Wards 19 and 20
Institution(s): Daly Industrial School; Salvation Army Rescue Home; Hebrew Ladies Home for Aged; Cottage Hospital; Crellis Consumptive Home; Industrial School for Girls; Old Ladies & Men's Home; Welcome Home
T625-739 EDs 506-540 Boston city: Wards 21 and 22
Institution(s): Boston Insane Hospital; Boston Consumptive Hospital; Liveridge Institute of Industry; Boston Home for Incurables; Convalescent Home City Hospital; Faulkner Hospital; Convent; Emersen Hospital; Home for Destitute Jewish Children; Private Hospital; Talitha Cumi Maternity Home & Hospital; White Temple Convent

T625-740 EDs 541-581 Boston city: Wards 23 and 24
Institution(s): Home for Aged; Home for Friendless & Unfortunate Women; Martin Luther Orphan Home; Mt. Hope Home; N. E. Peabody Home for Crippled Children; Prendergast Camp; US Public Health Service Hospital

T625-741 EDs 582-598, 685, 599-605, 683, & 606-611 Boston city: Wards 25 and 26
Institution(s): St. John's College; St. John's Seminary; Convent of Our Lady of the Cenacle; Hospital; Mt. St. Joseph's Academy; St. Elizabeth's Hospital; Blessed Gabriel Monastery

T625-742 EDs 216-219, 221-244, 235-244, 674, 679, 675, 680, & 676-678 Boston city: Ward 8
Winthrop town
Institution(s): Ft. Banks; U. S. Army Post Hospital; Ft. Heath; Children's Mission to the Children of the Destitute; Eliot Hospital; Nurses Home; Private Hospital

T625-743 EDs 612-652 Chelsea city: Wards 1-5
Institution(s): Soldier's Home in Massachusetts; U. S. Marine Hospital; U. S. Naval Hospital; Old Ladies Home; Rufus F. Dawes General Hospital

T625-744 EDs 653-673 Revere city: Wards 1-5
Institution(s): Ingleside Home

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